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Find LE with PR3 DA 23 PA 31

Send PM if intested!

Vanilla: max lvl 60 Rates: x1 Rates: x5 Rates: x1 Rates: x1 RP-PvE, RP-PvP Rates: x1 Rates: x1 (hosted in Australia) Rates: Instant 60 Rates: x20 Rates: x1 Rates: x1 Rates: x1-x15 Rates: x1

The Burning Crusade: max lvl 70 Rates: x1, x3 (Vanilla realm on TBC 2.4.3 client!!) PvE (TwinStar) Rates: x1-x12 Rates: x2 Rates: x1-x3 Rates: x2 Rates: x1 (x2 weekends, x6 donors) PvE Rates: x1, instant 60 Rates: x1 Rates: instant 70 Rates: x1 (1-58: x2; optional instant 58) Rates: x1

Wrath of the Lich King: max lvl 80 Rates: x1 Rates: x1 rates: x5 Rates: x2, x10, instant 80 Rates: x5 Rates: x1 PvE Rates: x1-x15 Rates: x1-x7 Rates: x12 PvP Rates: x1 Blizzlike Rates: x1-x6 Rates: x1 PvE (progressive realm, ATM. Vanilla content) Rates: x2 [RP] Rates: x1 Rates: x1 Rates: x1, x7, instant 80 Rates: x1 PvE, x5, x10, x15-x25, x100 Rates: x1-x2 (double xp weekends) Rates: Instant 80

Cataclysm: max lvl 85 Rates: x1 Blizzlike Rates: x5 Rates: x1-x15 Rates: x1 Rates: x12 Rates: instant 85 PVP Rates: x1 Rates: x7, instant 85 Rates: x1, x10-x25 Rates: instant 85

Mists of Pandaria: max lvl 90 Rates: x5 Rates: x20, instant 90 Rates: x10, x100, instant 90 Rates: x1, x15 Rates: x7 Rates: x1 PvE Rates: x1 - x10

Warlords of Draenor: max lvl 100 Rates: x5 Rates: x2 Rates: x25

Legion: max lvl 110 Rates: x3 PvE Rates: x12 Rates: x75 x? PvE

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